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Imagine cleaning boat hulls - fiberglass, wood, metal, or concrete - in a single day that would take as much as a week using conventional methods!

On fiberglass boats, we use a slurry of volcanic rock and heated water to our system to remove bottom coatings quickly and completely. It leaves the gelcoat intact, water tight, and ready to recoat quickly - allowing for stripping, priming, and painting all in the same day.

Equally important, we eliminate tenting because of our low dispersal cleaning stream, which is highly controlled.

Old paint and anti-fouling simply drop to the ground under the boat, as opposed to generating clouds of contaminants as happens with sand and soda blasting.

Cleanup is simpler and easier, thus more cost effective.Our diesel powered equipment is powerful enough for tough professional maritime maintenance jobs.

It is configured to be hoisted aboard or operated from the dock for normal on-going on-board maintenance to the largest refitting projects.

By using extension hoses we can work as far as 250 feet from the machine and confined spaces present no problems for our equipment.

Our blasting process not only meets but exceeds USCG specifications on aluminum hull vessels.

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